Space Technology

Space & Magravs

Conventional science teaches us that what we can't measure does not exist. This led to a separation between science and spirituality.

Magnetical-gravitational (Magravs) plasma technology combines science and spirituality since everything is made of Magravs plasma. We can't measure thoughts or emotions, but they exist as Magravs plasma. Magravs plasma IS conscious – one could also say that it is Consciousness.

From the smallest particles to the largest structures of a planet, including the planet itself, everything is made of Magravs plasma. Furthermore, contrary to the teachings of traditional science, space is not empty. Rather, space is also full of Magravs plasma. In other words, Magravs plasma is ambient, universally.

Magravs plasma takes the form of a fluctuating torus, with Magravs fields entering the torus at its south pole and exiting at its north pole. The fields are weaker (lower velocity) at the extremities and stronger (higher velocity) at the centre of the torus. Due to this differential, Magravs plasma fields are constantly attracting and repelling one another.

It is for this very reason that exo-planets in our solar system, such as Neptune, move significantly slower in their orbit around our Sun as compared to endo-planets like Mercury.

Every single Magravs plasma is also  unique in its combination of magnetical (Dark Energy) and gravitational forces (Dark Matter), where repelling fields behave like two magnets with the same pole and attracting fields with two opposite poles.

Dark Matter, the gravitational part of Magravs plasma is the cause of entropy. Dark Energy, the magnetical part of Magravs plasma is the cause of order and life. Because ALL Magravs plasma contain magnetical fields, all of creation is living and conscious. Matter is simply Magravs plasma with a weaker magnetical field strength and stronger gravitational force.

Likewise, it is through this mechanism of attraction and repulsion that space travel is made possible. Positioning a spaceship in space occurs by by amplifying the magnetical (repelling, giving) force or the gravitational (attracting, taking) force in relation to the destination's Magravs fingerprint.

To move to a destination, the spaceship merely has to tune Herself to that location's gravitational signature, and space travel can occur at superluminal, and even hyperluminal speeds. The speed of light is but a limitation of current knowledge.

In order to slow down during descent into a planet, the spaceship tunes Herself reciprocally to the planet's magnetical signature. Rockets and fuel are history.

Magravs plasma is useful not only for positioning a spaceship in space, but also in many other ways.