MAGRAV - The New Plasma Technology

Why Magravs?

Simple, because it exists everywhere and everywhen as everyone and everything. With such a cosmic abundance of magnetical-gravitational (Magravs) plasma energy, it is an ideal source from which to derive other necessities.

What Is It?

In simple terms, it is pure energy. It is up to the user to translate and/or transmute this energy to use in desired ways.

Is it renewable?

Remember that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. That is all we are doing. With Magravs plasma technology, there is no worry of energy running out or leaving the lights on and using up too much energy.

How can a single source provide all needs?

One word – Consciousness. Magravs plasma is conscious in nature, and provides what is needed at the point of need. It never gives more than is required. This is why Magravs plasma technology is so versatile. From powering a small LED to creating a large spaceship, it can be used for all applications imaginable, and then some.

Is it dangerous?

If it was, none of us would be here. Magravs plasma energy is cosmically powerful and abundant, yet it goes into the loving creation of all – from the smallest atom to the largest galactic super-cluster. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the user of Magravs plasma to know what they are doing, and exercise due diligence in what they create.